How do I find suitable advice? A guide to psychological support

In times of personal challenges or psychological stress, the search for suitable advice can seem overwhelming. But the decision to seek help is a courageous first step on the road to recovery. This guide is designed to help you find the right advice to help you deal with life’s challenges.

Step 1: Understand your needs

Before you start looking for advice, it is important to understand your own needs. Ask yourself: What do I want from the consultation? Is it about specific problems such as anxiety, depression or stress? Or am I looking for support in coping with life changes, relationship problems or self-development? Your answers to these questions can narrow down the type of advice you need and the consultant’s specialization.

Step 2: Find out about the different forms of advice

There are different types of consulting, each with its own approach and focus:

  • Psychotherapy: For deeper psychological problems or disorders. Psychotherapists offer therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), depth psychology-based psychotherapy or systemic therapy.
  • Psychological counseling: Offers support in coping with life crises, stress management and personal development.
  • Online counseling: A flexible and accessible option that has become increasingly important, especially in the current climate. It makes it possible to receive support from anywhere.
  • Group therapy: A form of psychotherapy that is carried out in a group and promotes exchange with others who have similar problems.

Step 3: Choose the right advisor

The relationship between you and your consultant is crucial to the success of the consultation. It is important that you feel comfortable and can build up trust. Consider whether the gender or experience of the counselor is important to you and whether you would like a specific therapeutic orientation.

Step 4: Ask the right questions

Before you decide on a consultant, do not hesitate to ask questions. Ask about their qualifications, experience, therapeutic approaches and how they would deal with your specific needs. Many consultants offer a short, free preliminary meeting to give you a first impression.


Finding the right counseling can be a challenge, but it is an essential step on your path to personal development and mental health. With the right preparation and the right information, you can find supportive and effective advice that meets your individual needs. Remember, the decision to seek help is a sign of strength and the first step towards change.

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