When is psychological counseling useful?

Psychological counseling offers the opportunity to enter into dialogue with a professional in the field of psychology in a safe environment and to overcome individual difficulties. We believe that this can be beneficial for anyone interested in personal growth.
The importance of mental wellbeing is in no way inferior to that of physical health. Many people regularly engage in physical activity to maintain their health, relax the mind or pursue personal ambitions. Psychological counseling takes a similar approach by proactively helping to maintain mental health, making it an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.

The main goal of psychological counseling or coaching is to support your personal development. We are focused on helping you find the right mental health professional and creating a safe space for you to open up and share your challenges, fears and concerns.
Through effective therapy, you will gain the ability to see your strengths more clearly and deal constructively with your weaknesses. We will support you on your path to self-discovery, help you to improve your emotional and mental skills and support you in creating a happy and fulfilling life.

Psychological counselors offer support in various life situations, such as conflicts, preventive measures, decision-making processes, reorientation, minor mental blockages, relationship problems, professional challenges or stage fright and help to strengthen self-confidence. The title "psychological counselor" is not legally protected in Switzerland. Nevertheless, Psyvita only offers qualified counselors who have a sound education and are not laypeople.

Psychologists with a master's degree in psychology offer similar counseling services. They undergo at least five years of university study, which provides them with comprehensive knowledge of human behavior, thinking and feeling. With their degree, they are qualified to work in the health counseling sector.

Psychotherapists who have completed further training can offer support and treat illnesses in the same areas as psychologists and psychological counselors. This specialization is achieved through three to five years of further training after studying psychology, which entitles them to work independently as a psychotherapist.

Psychiatrists have studied medicine and specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness, including the prescription of medication. After completing their medical studies, they undergo several years of further training in psychiatry and psychotherapy, which qualifies them to provide comprehensive treatment for mental disorders.

For people interested in psychological support, Psyvita offers the opportunity to search for specialists and book appointments, including those recognized by supplementary insurance.

In Switzerland, basic insurance only pays for psychotherapy.

Supplementary insurance therefore comes into play here to cover services that go beyond the scope of basic insurance, including certain forms of psychological counseling. Whether and to what extent psychological counseling is covered by supplementary insurance depends on the individual insurance contract. Here are some general guidelines:

  1. Contractual conditions: Coverage for psychological counseling varies depending on the insurance package selected and the insurance provider. It is important to check the specific terms and conditions of your own supplementary insurance contract.
  2. Referral and diagnosis: In some cases, insurers require a doctor's referral or specific diagnosis before they will cover the cost of psychological counseling.
  3. Recognized therapists: Supplementary insurance may require that therapy be provided by a psychologist or psychotherapist it recognizes.
  4. Limitation of sessions: There is often an annual maximum number of sessions that will be covered by supplementary insurance.
  5. Deductible and franchise: Depending on the contract, there may be deductibles or a franchise that the insured person must pay themselves.

To find out exactly when and to what extent supplementary insurance covers psychological counseling, it is advisable to ask your health insurance provider directly. The insurance company can provide detailed information about the requirements for cost coverage.

At Psyvita you will find a variety of counseling options and frameworks to support individuals as well as families or couples.
At Psyvita, we are on hand with a variety of psychologists or counselors to ensure that the support you need is provided by the right professional at the right time. With our comprehensive mental health guides and an offering that includes video, telephone and face-to-face consultations, we allow you to focus on your counseling sessions.

To get the most out of psychological coaching, it is essential to approach sessions with an open mind. Be open to giving new recommendations and concepts a chance, even if they may seem strange or intimidating at first. Take an active part in the process and strive to implement what you have learned in your everyday life. In addition, sincere communication with both yourself and your counselor is of immense importance.
Your commitment during the sessions contributes significantly to your progress. Make an effort to attend the sessions regularly, even if the intensive examination of your thoughts and feelings can sometimes be challenging. At Psyvita, you can complete your counseling online, which gives you flexibility especially when you don't have the opportunity or energy to meet in person.

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